How Mastering Mindfulness Can Make You A Darling Of Your Boss (And Probably Get You A Promotion)

If you use them consistently, the amazing, inspiring mindfulness and productivity quotes we discussed in the last blog post should motivate you to put your best foot forward at work. Unfortunately, being mindful and effective at work is not always easy; it’s particularly challenging if you have a difficult boss. When habituated, mindfulness can help […]

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10 Powerful Mindfulness Quotes That Will Inspire You To Stay Focused And Productive In Your Workplace

In previous blog post in this series – How To Achieve Work-Life Balance Through Meditation and Mindfulness, we discussed how to prioritize your tasks and live in the moment. We also learnt how to block distractions so that you can be mindful of yourself and your tasks. This, as mentioned, helps you work towards a […]

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How To Achieve Work-Life Balance Through Meditation and Mindfulness

In the previous article – 6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should be Practicing Mindfulness in Your Workplace, we talked about the benefits of practicing mindfulness at your workplace. Now that you know how mindfulness can make your work life easier, enjoyable, and more meaningful, let’s discuss how to use mindfulness and meditation to achieve work-life […]

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