Day: 14 August 2020

Emotional Mastery Blueprint: How to Control Your Emotions To Improve Your Social Skills And Master Your Thoughts And Emotions (Buddha on the Inside Book 4)

Do you wish to stop getting carried away by your emotions to a point where you make hasty and often regrettable decisions emotionally? Are you sick and tired of giving excuses, messing up otherwise good relationships, thanks to your continued inability to take charge of your emotions at different times? If you’ve answered YES, keep […]

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How To Be Mindful Of Thoughts: Steps To Achieving Mindfulness And Living In The Moment (Buddha on the Inside Book 3)

You Are Just 1-Click Away From Learning How To Neutralize Stress And Anxiety, Fight And Reverse Chronic Health Problems, And Improve Your Life By Leveraging The Power Of Mindfulness! Have you been experiencing stress and anxiety lately? Have you been getting sicker every day, struggling with blood pressure, chronic pain, heart disease and other ailments […]

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How To Meditate: Learn How To Meditate Step By Step And Reap The Benefits Of Meditation Everyday + Tips On How To Meditate Better (Buddha on the Inside Book 2)

You Are About To Learn How To Meditate Step By Step To Reap The Benefits Of Meditation Everyday! How would you describe your ability to concentrate or focus; and by extension, productivity? Is it spot on- or has it been declining? How about your stress levels? Physical health? Or have you been having constant worries […]

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